what flies for montana

im heading to montana in 2 weeks with my family and want to start tying some flies now. what paterns should i stock up with. thanks for the info.


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It depends entirely on the area you plan to fish. I'd suggest calling some flyshops in the areas you're going to and find out what's happening with the hatches. Fishing cutts on the Flathead forks vs. browns and bows on the Madison require different flies, but if you have the standby's you'll be ok. If nothing else, have stimulators, hoppers, pmd's, caddis, hare's ears, prince nymphs, stones, and some streamers.
In my book, essential ties for that area are the following....

X-caddis-tan & green 14-16
Stimulator-yellow 12-14
Sparkle Duns-yellow 16-18
Para Adams 12-16

LaFontaine's deep sparkle pupa-tan 14-18
BHGRHE 14-16
Larry's Lightining Bug 14