Pattern Old Man's Woven Rock Worms


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these are beauties and I had to get them posted

Jim does a remarkable job weaving flys.

( my aopligies for not getting them posted sooner, Jim)

Drinks on me next :thumb:



Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Those are great :eek:, somthing, I'm sure we would all love to have in our flyboxes. When are you going to knit us all sweeters Jim?
Jim tied some up and donated them for the Snoqualmie Clean up event a while back. I was fortunate enough to win them they look great! I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I haven't fished them yet but plan on doing so this summer. I'm surprised with the intricate stitching considering he has trouble tying an improved clinch knot....j/k


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Hey! those are nice...would be a great addition to anyone's fly box.

Jim, with gray and brown or black mottled yarn they could represent a cased caddis.


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Hey quit saying nice things about me. I'll probably get a swelled head now.

I know it is one thing to try and tie on a fly but with these flys if I start to shake I can stop in the middle of it and come back to it when my shakes quiet down and it doesn't unravel. If at Dry Falls I feel like I'm able I will give a class on them and then you all can get it done. Very simple. Just a bunch of over hand knots.


PS. I've heard that they do work.
Davy, Thanks for the sneak peak at those.

Old Man, Thank you for offering up those babies in the First timers swap, very nice thing to do and a great looking pattern. :eek: On the subject of a tying clinic at Dry Falls I might be able to help you tie one on :beer2: ptyd , but don't expect much help with the actual clinic.


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Those are just pictures. Wait until you see them close up. Then you'll see how bad they really are. bawling:

Jim..... I try but things just come out bad bawling:

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Yeah,me being so old I often have a lot of trouble just trying to stand up. :rofl: :rofl: . But sitting down is no problem :p :p

Thank's for all the kind comments ZEN bawling: