Pattern Midge Emerger

Heres a midge emerger I have been working on. I've always had a hard time with seeing some ofthe more traditional patterns and have opted for the foam loop as a means to solve this problem.

hook: tiemco 2487bl sz16-20/mustad c49s sz22
thorax: peacock herl/pecock ice dubbing
hackle:white (wrapped sparsely)
rib: super fine copper (optional- especially on moving water or on very small sized patterns)
body: midge floss(or equivalent) color to match natural/
underbody:also optional mylar holographic tinsel for under body(on smaller patterns less is better)
wing:fly foam- cut to a width to match thorax width and length so that a loop can be formed. Angle cut foam and tie in eye end first, fold foam forward over eye and bend back over itself then tie in rear tip of foam. Foam should be secured and in a loose loop- then take and wrap base in parachute fashion(carefull with thread tension not too tight) to provide a solid place to wrap hackle.

I have had moderate success with this pattern as I have had few chances/proper situations in which to use this pattern. I am planning to test thoroughly this spring/summer

good luck :thumb:


Sculpin Enterprises
That is sweet. Is there enough flotation that it could support a midge nymph suspended below it? More flies = more chances of hitting on what the fish want on any particular day.

Thanks for the recipe,