(NFR) Turkey season around the corner

With Turkey season around the corner starting April 15th how many of you are planning on going? I have been practicing with a few different calls and hoping to get some good footage of the hunt. Last year we were in them in the morning and afternoon so hopefully luck will repeat itself. Should be interesting to see how the weather effects the hunt. Last year we were hunting in long sleeved t-shirts looks like this year we may be wearing jackets.



Idiot Savant
I'd like to get one around the property (Oroville), but free time isn't looking very free. There's a lot of Merriams around our place. I've seen several groups of 9 to 12 birds with one or two goblers in each.

What area will you be hunting...?


Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.
Hope to get out but am not sure if I'm going to make it with work schedule, and Montana trip beginning of May. Might take one day to hunt them on the way over to fish Montana. Good luck.
Roper, why don't you put a decoy out back and get a pot of coffee going? You can call them in from your porch...That's what I'm talking about!

I'll be hunting in Kittitas County not sure exactly which spot but I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes. Saw quite a few birds last year.

Good luck Steelheader maybe you'll pop one the first morning that way you can get on the road to Montana wouldn't that be a memorable trip!

Thanks for the reminder, I need to pattern my gun this weekend. I tried to get one last year and found out just how much of a challenge it is. Going to tag along with some one who knows how to hunt them this year.
ZugBug said:
I'm leaving Friday for a week in Nebraska. Hope to find some time when I get back to get after them here.
If you are in central Nebraska...
Go to Fullerton , just outside of Grand Island... Go to the Layshock property (just ask where it is in town) go to the house and ask if you can hunt. (say chris daniels sent ya) you'll have hundreds of untouched birds all by yourself on thousand of acres. A plus is, they have river access with tons of huge carp and ponds with bass.
Thanks for the lead Chris. We're going to start off near Hershey and move around til we get into them. I'll scope it out if we end up further NE.