Newbie seeks King Co. shore-friendly trout lake.


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I am a new (Fly, that is) fisherman fresh off his first catch. so, the bug has got me and I'm looking for a lake. Specifically, I'd like to fish a lake that has good access from the bank. I'm boatless and haven't stepped into waders, yet. King County would be great but I don't mind driving, at all.

If you have any insight, I'd be much appreciated. And if it wouldn't cramp your style to have a freshman along, I'd love to make a fishing pal or palette. I promise to untangle my own line. :)

Hurry, my neighbors are tired of dodging my line flying across the sidewalk!
brooky :THUMBSUP

Well I am in Bellevue and even I have to drive a ways to fish for good trout. I am also fairly new at fly fishing, but I have excelled at the sport. In fact, I was out at lake nunally this Friday and aturday. Got in at 5 am and hooked nine fish in 2 hours. All except 1 were over 18 inches. The largest was23 inches. I don't know the weight on her but she was around 4-5 pounds. Any how, I am willing to partake in fishing trips if your interested. I have acess to float tubes. I also have found some fairly good rivers and creeks to fish. All are with in 2 hours from the east side. I don't have many fishing partners. Just my brother in law and he lives in port orchard. if interested let me know. I am a pretty trusting person. I am almost 30 and I have a wonderful family. If I am not with my boys than I am out fishing. I am going out to nunnaly again soon.
A lake in King County with good bank access for fly fishing -- that's a tough one. If you can find a lonely pier on Lake Washington, you can give it a go for perch and the occasional smallmouth bass, but for immediate fishing I'd say your best bet would be to get a pair of waders and wading boots and hit the local streams. Then when you save a little more $, buy yourself a float tube and fins -- you won't regret it!

Good luck.
North Lake off of Hwy 18 can be fished from shore for perch very well and with some luck for trout. Deep Lake out by the Tacoma waterworks part of the Green River can by fished for trout both from the docks and the shore line. In both cases you will need to watch your back cast so as not to hook the trees. A good roll cast will help you fish these lakes without as many trees being caught. In fact a good roll cast will help you when fishing from shore many lakes. If you do not mind a hike you can try the Alpine lakes. The fish in the Alpine lakes are not big, but they take a fly well. Try some of the lakes in the Denny creek area for some fun Alpine fishing. If you fish lake Ollie up there the fish are really small because there is not enough of a food source for the amount of trout currently in there. But because of this the fishing can be fast, because the fish are really hungry. :pROFESSOR


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hi brooky-

thanks for the note. sounds like you really have taken off in a big way taking in some nice size. i'm in bellevue, too. my bro. and a friend of mine have both said sure, we should do that. unfortunately they're what i call "we-shuds". you know what i'm talking about...people who always say "we should _______", but never actually get around to it.

i'd be hard presed to find a better reason to rise up early than to go fishing. i'm 44, sane, very reliable and i seem to make people laugh.

my contact info:

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looking forward-

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thanks steelie. sounds like good advise. i actually got a response from a potential partner who happens to have an extra pair. i'll borrow those once then go shopping.

good luck.


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wow. thanks for the info. i'm fair at the roll cast but will definately go lawn for some extra practice. a successful fishing trip relies on spending more time with the line in (or above)the water rather than in the trees. :LOVEIT

thanks again.
Roll cast does not work in the lawn well. To practice roll cast you need to be on the water. The drag of the line in the water is what makes the roll cast work. Also if you practice on the lawn your casting, remember to clean your line afterwards. When I first started to learn to cast, I did not clean my line of the dirt and it did not last very long because of my lack of care of it.

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I might be old---but I'm good.

What's wrong with Green Lake in the middle of Seattle. It has a few casting docks and a shore line that you can walk around.


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When rattlesnake is low enough, you can walk all the way around it and have plenty of room for a back cast. This spring I caught many fish from the bank. Lately the water has been pretty high, so bank access is limitted, but not undoable. I found a number of stumps near the shore that I could stand on and fish from nicely...


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Rattlesnake can be good in the spring and early summer but in the height of summer I'm concentrating my efforts on the local streams and the salt water beaches. The snoqualmie forks should be warming up enough for wet wading (you might want to invest in a pair of wading shoes, but not necessary) and you can try local beaches like Lincoln Park, Golden Gardens, Kayak Point etc. for silvers and sea-run cutts. Saltwater flies like minnow imatations will work, but a wooley bugger can be a good choice too. Remember to release all sea-run cutts as these are all wild fish in this area.



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thanks bh. where is the rattlesnake? (lake, river :CONFUSED ) mapquest couldn't id it. from east seattle?

i'll settle for a town or county and find my way from there.


Rattlesnake Lake is off of exit 32 on I-90. Get on I-90 east and proceed to North Bend. Get off the freeway at exit 32 which is 436 Ave. Make a right turn at the top of the exit and continue on the main road which will become Cedar Falls Road S.E. and Rattlesnake Lake is about 3-3.5 miles. The road will pass by the parking lot and boat launch off to your right, you can't miss it!
I have been up there several times and have had pretty good luck when the weather will behave. These guys seem to like a small olive leech with a green bead head that a friend tied for me. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!