SFR: Why I can't make the Dry Falls outing

Willie Bodger

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So, I'm just so excited I had to tell you guys! I was going to take the day off and buzz over on Friday to fish, swap stories and hopefully learn how to fish from you guys, but...

Got a call today that they had asked my disabled seven year old son to throw out the first pitch at Friday's Mariners Game! He'll be down there in his walker and I'll be the one trying to get all of the players to sign something and asking them if I can pitch in the eighth!:D

Anyway, just had to tell somebody and I thought of you guys even if it really has nothing to do with fishing other than why I can't make it to Dry Falls now...
Too bad it is not at Saturdays game I would be there cheering him on. What a treat for your son and for you too. Congratulations :thumb: :thumb:
There are other days to fish.
jesse clark
SurfCandy and barbless will be at the game cheering him on! :thumb:
Congratulations to both of you. The way the Mariners pitching staff is looking, they'll need all the help they can get. ;)

That's Terrific :thumb: That will be a treasured father/son memory your boy will remember for his entire life. Have a beer for us at the game and will have one for you at Dry Falls. :beer1:
That's great for you both, enjoy. I think the M's trainer is a big flyfisher, he can also get you guys to all the players. Have a wonderful time.



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Man, I don't know what to say: Mariners or fishing Dry Falls. :hmmm: Considering that it's your kid throwing in the pitch, there's no need to apologize. If anything, you've got gloating rights. Let's just hope the Mariners pull through.

BTW, former Mariner, Jay Buhner, is a big fly fisherman. Go to Revolutions Coffee shop and get the lowdown from Damon. I guess Da Bone was begging for stoneflies from D-Bo.
Willie Blomquist {SP} brother owns a fly lodge in Montana and the whole family loves to fly fish I hear. My dad fishes there once a year on one of his few fly fishing trips each year.


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I'll be at that game on Friday. Good reason to change plans. I have to be in town for the weekend so I will miss Dry Falls too. If you can't fish, a ball game is a close second and precious memory for you and your son. Go M's!