Ross Lake area streams

Does anyone have experience fishing some of the small streams in the Ross Lake area? Canyon Creek?, Bacon Creek?, Diobsud Creek? Any experiences to report? Type and size of fish, patterns, techniques? Any other small streams in the area worth trying? Appreciate any advice.....


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Can't comment on the streams, but I did really well in a float tube on Ross Lake. I was only on the lake about 20 minutes before I started catching fish. The best spots seemed to be where the creeks come into the lake. In regards to whooly bugger was the most consistant.

- DW


A fellow member of this forum, my son and I tried Bacon Creek a couple weeks ago for naught. Not even a hint that there were fish to be had. Likewise, Diobsud Creek (my farm resides near the confluence of Diobsud and the Skagit River). Can't address Canyon Creek, don't even know where it is; guess I'll check the map for another time. Frankly the flows have been really heavy this year in the North Cascades and it may take time to settle out.