Has Anyone Ever Caught a Steelhead Sightfishing?

I can do this every now and then but it is quite difficult. Last time I caught a Steelhead sight fishing, I had to go back to the same hole 2 times and fish for the same half dozen fish. Took it on an olive BH Wolly Bugger.

Would anyone like to give me a testimonial so I know that I am not crazt. I know Jim Teeny can do it the same way but it seems like everyone else does the ol' cast, mend, swing, wait, step, repeat.

Lurkers please participate!


Be the guide...
It has a lot to do with the river and the water flow\clarity. If you can't see them, you have to do the old - cast, mend, swing, step, repeat... Given the chance and the right conditions, I'm sure we'd all prefer to 'sight fish' for them. But you're right, it does take a more stealthy approach...
Has Anyone Ever Caught a Steelhead Sightfishing? Yes!

Fishing to individual steelhead is great! I caught my first steelhead on the fly that way in fall of 1980, and have caught quite a few more that way since.

The last post is correct - it can be only done in the right type of water.

Jim Teeny is the best I have ever seen at this type of fishing, and I have had the privilege to flyfish with some incredibly skilled guys.
His video that he put out a few years ago is excellent as far as teaching you how to do this type of fishing. I can't remember the name - I wore out my copy watching it, but his motto is "If you spot 'em, you got 'em!" Well worth buying - if just for the vicarious thrill. I have fished a lot of the water in the video and it is as good as the video portrays.

Good luck!
I've done it several times in quiet pools on the Sauk and Skagit with black woolly buggers, rabbit strip leeches, and my own size 10 beadhead. I normally don't fish for steelhead much but if I see them in a pool, I can't resist.