How's the cutt action?

My fishing buddies and I cover much of Marine Area 13 particularly the south part in our boats so my comments will be about that area. The sea-runs have been scattered this past month or two. They are at a spot one day and gone the next. I think that the extreme tides of the past months tend to scattered them and make them tougher to find. It should start to get better in the next month as the tides moderate and the sea-runs start to head to their home streams and estuaries.

This year, there appear to be a lot of 8-13" fish out there. I have not been hooking or landing as many large(+17-18") sea-runs as in past years. I hope that it is just me and it is not the start of a downward trend as was the case in the 70's and 80's before Marine Area 13 became catch and release for the sea-runs. Have others experienced the decreased in size this year?

I have been playing around with a floating epoxy candlefish fly that will skate. It has been working quit well but still needs to be modified a little to keep it on top in slower currents. Last week, a 19" sea-run came a foot out of the water as it hit the fly on the surface. It was such an aggressive take that it was hooked deep in it's throat.