May Hi Lakers Meeting-Wednesday


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Don't forget the upcoming Hi-Laker Meeting on May 18th

This will be the



Bring a few pictures that you would like to share. We will have a slide projector and digital projector. If you only have prints, we can pass them around. This is great opportunity to show that handful of pictures from a good trip. So take a few minutes and get them ready to show.

A member may be showing his photos of when his family owned Monte Cristo. This will be a REAL TREAT, so you will not want to miss it!
We will also have a few pictures of the club outing to survey Pratt Lake that we hope to show.

Also, if you have fishing or hiking gear that you would like to swap, sell, or just give away, bring it to the meeting and MAKE YOUR DEAL!

This will be fun, so see you at the meeting!

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Time: 7:30PM

The Hi-Laker meeting is this coming Wednesday. 7:30 PM at the
Dept of Health Bldg at the Fircrest campus. It is located off NE
150th and 17th Ave NE. Take the NE 145th Exit from the I-5
freeway, go east to the first stop light (15th Ave NE). Go
north for a couple of blocks and then turn east onto NE 150th.
Finally turn north at the first opportunity, which is the
entrance to Fircrest (right across from 17th Ave NE). The
building is the first one of the left with the Flagpoles. Lots
of parking immediately on your right across from the building.