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Well I have been coming to this site on a daily basis for a while now and I've had a great time meeting a lot of knowledgable fly fishermen. I am currently dreaming of sept/oct fishing on some eastside lakes and am planning a few trips. I started thinking about wanting to meet and fish with some new people, like the people on this website. so if anyone is willing, I feel a group outing is in order. I'm thinking about Chopaka, The camping there is great for big groups, I have seen a few fishing clubs up there. Maybe spend 4 or 5 days there, anyone could come of go on there own schedule. We could talk chris, the guy who runs this site, in being the guest of honor! :DEVIL Maybe I'm crazy (or just need to hit some water), but i think it would be fun and a great chance to hang out with all the people we chat with on this forum. let me know what you all think, and add to suggestions as to where we could go! :THUMBSUP YT
sounds kind of interesting. I'd be game for a river outing with drift and pontoon boats. As long as people don't mind a little drunkeness while I fish. It kind of goes hand in hand. Yes I will promise to wear a life jacket. I vote the Methow or the Yakima. Lakes kind of bore me a little after fishing summer runs and catching nice 20"'ers on the Yak weekend 'fore last. We just need a few boat owners to voulenteer.

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I might be old---but I'm good.

4 or 5 days. You must be nuts :TONGUE. I can't even stand to be around my wife that long. And I've been married 29 years.

I've fished with Chris,and he knows quite a bit about fly fishing. Fished the same water he slayed um and my luck was still the same. BAD.

Sounds like it could be fun, but one day or two is about all I could make. Hard to tell when wife has off days.

Now that I'm retired she deciedes that she wants to work. So I let her. Thats how I get to go fishing.



I would be interested in a group grope depending on the fishing location; eastside has its allure. Firm this stuff up fellow members!


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I would be into it also, but fall is the time for salmon, so I would like to be on the Westside, not the east. But heck for a good face-to-face, I might go east.

Might be fun for a 2-3 day trip. A 4-5 is hard to work in. I'd love to put faces to some of the names on the board. Maybe work it so we had outings to diffrent areas at diffrent times once in awhile would be intresting. This would include people that fish diffrent types of flyfishing. I myself love to fish lakes for trout, perch and bass and am looking foward to fishing the sound if I ever get the boat running right. But many others are into rivers and streams and others only into the bigger game fish. I love to meet people as crazy about this sport as I am. No matter what their skill level or game fish are. My friends and coworkers sure are not. :THUMBSUP
Hi,ALL. I would be up for 3-4 days and I agree chopaka would be a great place. I haven't been there in along time. I love lake fishing!