Memorial day camping, any suggestions?

ok, so my usual camping at tuccannon im throwing on hold for memorial day, I would like a place a little more quite, not so many people, read: impossible"

anyone have any suggestions on other places to camp around here, or know of a remote area around dayton that i could head up to?

thanks for the help, if all else fails ill try to get to tucannon early to get myself a spot.



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All I can say is, GOOD LUCK. Campgrounds and/or anything at or near a decent piece of water will be at least slightly crowded (probably more like packed). I don't know of any "remote" spots around Dayton, at least that are not hike-in and near water, unless you want to drive up the forest service roads and just find a spot.

Just remember, bring your tolerance for people and a lot of patience (which I'm sure you will since you've camped in the Tucannon on Memorial Day before). Let us know how the fishing was if you get the chance!
The only advice I will give is travel fast and light and be ready to drive to diffrent out of the way places to find one that is not to crowded. Do not plan to hook up with someone in another truck or car someplace. This is one rig camping with no set plan on where you will be, and not alot of equipment and gear to set up. If you get to the first place and its crowded that way you can move on. Also if a large group moves in, you can leave to somewhere else. Its worked pretty well for me over the long weekends these last few years. No I will not say where some of those places have been. But I will say I have had 10 total and often less others fishing the same lake all weekend and they are not realy that secrete of lakes. One very well know lake had only 4 people, total fish it all weekend one 4th of July and we caught many nice fish.
One other way to get away from the crowds is a 12 mile or more hike in lake. Most people on long weekends are in large groups and few large groups hike in that far. Heck most groups car camp only, and rarely leave the camp site much.
The trouble I have found is I still can not get away from the road crowd on the main freeways and getting to and back home from any where is slow going. That is the other reason to travel light. After a long slow ride who want to take long unloading the truck.
Good luck!

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Take along along the walla walla river trail, up from harris park. Its in oregon, and its not open for fishing, but its a great place to hike.

Well, im down with the hiking, but the girlfriend isnt, and neither is a few other people going.

In the past when camping around dayton i would head up towards bluewood, at about 2 miles after it turned to gravel there were a few campsite, they are now closed though, it was killer camping there though, nothing at all to bother us, no people stumbling through, but it was about a 30 minutes drive to any fishing, it was still worth it,

ill find somewhere, i was somewhat thinking of heading up towards patrick trail and just wheeling in a little ways, i can deal with crowded waters, but not crowded campsites with rangers breathing down your neck.