Skunked Again??

Tonight was officially my 4th attempt at flyfishing in the salt. Still no fish to hand & no strikes...well maybe one weak strike, but not positive.
I went out to Solo Point about 8pm tonight because I had the itch. I stayed till the last glimmer of a sunset was gone -about 9:45. There were lots of smolt leaping to and fro, but I don't think there were cutts in the area, at least not that I could tell. I'm not all too stocked up on saltwater flies at this point, so I opted for a Muddler Minnow. The first hour or so, I fished it weighted. The last 30-45 minutes I fished it dry on the surface at varying speeds & lengths of stripping. Nada, zilch. At least this was my first time seeing any fish activity -with the smolts & all. I was super excited getting out of the car & gearing up because I could see them jumping. I was sure this would be my night.
I shouldn't complain much because I can't say that I've invested much in the whole saltwater thing. I have all of 2 saltwater flies & I actually bought them to fish in freshwater originally. I've never checked the tides before heading out -only went out when I could. I figure sooner or later I'll hit something. Ahhh, my wife says I should quit venting. Catch y'all later.


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if you are still fishless by the time i get back from Socal i would be more than willing to help you get rid of the skunk.

just a matter of time though before you tie into one.
I've been into Solo Point a few times, and always get confused as to whether non-military guys like me are supposed to be there. There are signs that say "Military Personnel Only" and I once found a Fort Lewis web site that indicated it was for use by current and FORMER Military. Yet it appears that lots of people launch boats there and every time I visit, a group of Soldiers or MPs come by & just wave at me as if nothing is wrong.

Does anyone know the real policy?

The signs say for military only if I remember correct. I do see MP's down there sometimes, I just figured they were looking for DOD window decals. I got out of the Army last year, but still have a decal because I work on Ft. Lewis as a civilian employee. If there's ever a doubt, I don't mind shuttling folks from University Place. Solo Point has a small freshwater inlet, rocky beaches, and a little bit of a clam bed....all the things I'm told I should look for.

D3Smartie---I'd happily take you up on the offer. Send me a PM when you return & maybe we can hook-up.

Tom---If I were you, I'd call the MP desk directly. Their number is in Ft Lewis phone book. You can also call post information at 967-1110. I think that's still the number. Make sure to ask for the MP Desk, not the front gate. The gate is run by civilians now & they don't know much of anything except for who can get in the gate.
Two suggestions to get the skunk off:

1) look at a tide chart and fish the two hours right after the peak of a high tide that is followed by a deep low tide - you want to be there when the water is rushing out.

2) buy and read Les Johnson's book on fishing for coastal cutthroat. IMO this is the bible on this topic.