NF Stilly spey casting report

more of a casting tune up than a real fishing report

spent 3 hours at the memorial sign past Oso late afternoon on Sun... whatever that spot is with the big hole below the stone marker

have never really fished the NF but wanted to practice spey casting and get to know the river.... it ended up being practice. Saw one very large fish smash the top water ... likely a SRC but could have been a steelie.

Water was very clear and didn't spot anything either, other than whities. A couple of small tugs which were likely SRC's or par.

If anyone knows the NF Stilly I would be more than interested in a joint outing or splitting a guide to better know the river

cheers, Travis
You were probably fishing just downstream from Hazel. I've not heard of a lot fish being caught there, especially this time of the year.

I'm pretty free this week and next. If you want to go out PM me. I've put a new [long] Delta Spey Airflo on my 14' footer and am anxious to try it out.


it poured off and on during the afternoon so I couldn't make out any hatch activity. skated a dry for awhile for fun on the hopes of a taker.

Michael, would enjoy tagging up with you for a day. Would like to hit a river that has an outside chance of holding a finned creature worth catching.

Maybe I should be thinking cowlitz or the kalama for the early season action?

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There might be some kings in the river so be careful. You can't target them but they might get hooked up fishing for steelhead. I wouldn't want anybody to get into trouble.



Western Angler
The NF stilly is really a mixed bag this time of year. I have seen everything from bright wild and hatchery steelhead, king jacks and dollies hooked (and sometimes landed). Takes patience but the fish are there. Pink salmon will also trickle in starting in July.