15' Fiberglass Drift Boat

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    Oct 26, 2009
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    The drift boat you are looking at is a 1979 Barker (out of Business) Drift Boat that is made of Fiberglass, fine hard wood (Trim, seating). The original trailer was replaced before I got it, with a trailer that has all the components to get the boat in/out of the water with ease. The trailer is a custom job, so you won't see any brand names on it. The tires on it are fairly new and have many miles to go. The boat comes with a standard anchor system, one set of sawyer counter balanced oars, and one set of wood oars. The boat has had some modifications to it, the major one being the additional layers of fiberglass (5 Layers) applied to the bottom of the boat making the boat stronger and more rigid. The other modification is the installation of the rope seat and the anchor system. The boat is simple and excellent for fishing all the lakes and rivers in the area. Cell#12063105930, Mount Vernon Wa.$1500.00
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.