North Cascades Campgrounds with Flyfishing

I am a recent transplant from Montana to Spokane and I would like to take my family to the North Cascades for a couple of days of camping and flyfishing. I have two young kids, ages 2 and 4, so I would like an easily accessible tent camping campground. I prefer staying in the state or national park sytems. We would like scenery, but good fishing is important also, lake or river. Any suggestions, descriptions of area, and directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



I agree with johnnyV's post, Baker Lake. Nice campgrounds, though they do fill-up fast on weekends. Absolutely great views, Mt. Baker is stunning on those clear days and even more so at sunset when viewed from the far side of the lake, and lots of little streams around.

There are several more rougher campgrounds up the Cascade River but I would caution you that the water in some lower areas is very wild (you mention very young children) and dangerous and the fishing usually sucks. There are others on Highway #20 just short of the Seattle City Light town of Newhalem along the Skagit River. Although I live very near, I have never actually been there and know nothing about them.

Baker Lake would be my recommendation.

Since you are coming from Spokane, I would stay on the east side of the cascades. There are many choices depending on your preference. There is some good lake fishing around Winthrop. I don't know the stateus of river fishing since I recall parts of the Methow system being closed. i used to fish up there including the Lost river, Chewack and even Early winters creek by klipchuck Campground which is a nice camp and rarely crowded.(At least it wasn't in the good old days when I used to go up there. There are some good Alpine lakes you can fish in that area too. I remember catching little cutts at Blue lake one day when a weasel kept following me through a talus slope lake he expected me to give him a fish! have fun

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Sorry to hear that the fishing is so bad. Used to camp up there many moon ago at that campground. Fished Thunder Arm out a ways from where the creek runs in at. Fishing was great.



And the canoeing is simply fantastic; the reason I bought the Old Town. Still, though, I prefer to canoe/camp Baker, fish or no fish. The views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding area are World Class (Yosemite's Half-Dome and the valley, and Banff come to mind in this class).

I just returned from Mazama which is just outside (west) of Winthrop and reside on the westside so travelled through the North Cascades there and back...awesome scenery and lots of parks. We happend to camp on the way to Mazama at Rockport State Park which is on the westside of the mountains. It's an old growth forest which had lots of easy hikes. There is a river just down the road and a camping park called Steelhead something...didn't look like much for fishing. Lots of river and streams along highway 20. In Mazama we stayed at the Freestone Inn which is a neat log lodge with rooms in the lodge and cabins scattered around the property. There is an outdoor pool, bike and hiking trails, horseback riding...but the best was the private lake stocked with rainbows that grow to 24+ inches. My wife was out of town so I took my 6 and 8 year olds and we had a blast. Call the Mazama flyshop and ask for Scooter. There are lots of rivers and streams in the greater area. I'm headed to Montana mid Sep to explore the west side fishing. Any suggestions?
"There is a river just down the road and a camping park called Steelhead something...didn't look like much for fishing."

Have you ever heard of the Skagit River? Might be worth staying at Howard Miller Steelhead Park in the fall or winter to see how many boats are on a river that doesn't look like much for fishing.
Do you know when you are coming? I'll try to check out the Baker area this week. There is a nice campground at Rockport with plenty of trails. The Skagit is a big river so would suggest fishing the mouths of tribs this time of year.

Touche, smart boy...what I meant was that on the one and only time I've passed through (august 10) the immediate water on the park wasn't an area that I would run out and wade and cast a fly. If your idea of desirable fishing is to jump in a boat with the masses, then by all means, you're welcome to it..


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You might have done yourself a favor and given the ol' Skagit a try. That section of river at that time of year may have held some summer run steelhead. But, I doubt it. Who would want to waste their time fishing for something most people don't even think exist? Sheese, summer run steelhead in the Skagit? Who am I trying to kid?