Central BC Lakes?

Anyone Know how the Merritt/Kamloops area lakes are fishing? I am going up to the Logan Lake area for four days over the Fourth. I am familer with the area but would like to hear how the lakes are fishing, recent temps, water temps, etc.

Island and Calling are both fishing well. I was in the area on the weekend and talked to a friend who knows the lakes well. I am not sure what flies they were catching them on, but he was talking 23' and 24' trout.

Chrome Mykiss

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Although the fishing is well at Island, the fish are not. I found many of the fish in skinny shape, thus giving a poor fight. The fish that were bright and had normal body girth fought well. If the weather starts to warm again, the fishing should get even better. When I was there last week, very few chironomids were coming off due to the cold front. The Callibaetis hatches were spotty aswell.

Scott Salzer

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We used Tunkwa as our base camp last year and fished a different lake every day. Didn't spend much time actually fishing Tunkwa. We were too early for the sedge, although I did pick up my biggest fish on a sedge.
I'm going to be heading to Hi Hium for 5 days on the 23rd and I will try and post a report of how things went. The past 3-4 years have been killer at that time. I checked the weather just this morning for Kamloops and the 10-day forecast looked to be heating up so I'm hoping the good weather brings out a nice sedge hatch.
just back from the le juene area. it was cold and rainy. fishing was depressed with little hatching. was like a different place from my last time up at the end of may when fishing was red hot. my buddy and i got 45 fish in 3 days, in may i was getting close to that number a day by myself. there were sedges coming off as well as some smaller cinnamon caddis. the sedges i saw were either darker winged or white winged. the birds were nailing more of them than the fish and picked up my fly several times, luckily not getting hooked. chironomid hatches were pretty light and the best producers were trolled six packs and green careys. we also had pretty good luck with sedge size flies of just about any description. my bud got a lot of fish on stone fly dries and i got a 22 inch rainbow on a humpy of all things. almost all the dries were taken just as they hit the water rather than when twitched as normal. all the guys we spoke with were just hoping for warmer weather and predicting better fishing. i talked to people coming back from island and calling and they said things had tailed off during the past week. the temp in logan on wednesday night was 32F, but it was up in the 38-44 range for the rest of our stay with daytime temps up near 60. island is higher still so probably colder up there. my bud said his camera was a little fogged when he snapped the pictures of my rainbow, i'm hoping it was just the viewfinder. should know when he wakes up.