For sale Creek Comany Sub 714

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I am selling this Sub 714 float tube. Its a big boat. I'm 265 lbs. and I float high in the boat. Paid $300 for it new asking $175.

I've used this 3 times. Frankly, I prefer something smaller and easier to tote around.

Northface web site description -

This boat does everything a pontoon boat does, at a float tube type of price. It sits the angler completely out of the water, comes with oars and oarlocks for rowing, and has an adjustable footbar for total comfort and efficiency. It sports a heavy duty, 840 denier nylon cover for the ultimate in durability.

Review from that website -

"The best new flyfishing product in several years. Very stable, tracks well. Superior to a small boat in these characteristics. In my opinion, Creek Company didn't just hit a home run with this product, they won the World Series.

Apparently, they only made a very limited number.

Highest possible recommendation.
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