Steelhead Flies

I'm going to make my first attempt at steelhead this week down here in the Toutle. Does anyone have any suggestions on useful fly patterns for summer steelhead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
that river runs so off colored right now those fish arnt gona see your fly unless its got some body or color. use something bright that they can see. hot pink hairball leeches
To be honest I fished it for the first time just a little while ago and I just met my friend there so Im not 100% sure about where we were. I just know the water looked like someone poured chalk in it.


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The N F Toutle is colored by Mt. St. Helens ash. The S F runs gin clear during the summer. After 2 or 3 weeks of dry weather, the N F and mainstem are clear enough to fish. Even in that water, a black fly is more visible to a fish than a bright pattern.


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I caught fish using purple a leech in the Winter on the South Toutle. I have also been told from the guys at Anglers Workshop in Woodland that white leeches and streamers are great patterns in the summer. I personally have not tried them though. Good luck!