new obsession - reels

Being a machinist-fabricator by trade, I've been cursed with the "If you can buy it, I can make one better" attitude as long as I can remember. I'm in search of a supplier to obtain uni-directional bearings from. It seems as though theese pieces are the unicorn of the reel building industry, everyone tells me "We have them manufactured for us as a propriatary componant to our product". I'm sorry but I have to call B.S. on that one, so I put on my boots and proceed further into the denial of their availability.
I'm asking for a team effort here so help me out troops, someone amoungst the masses has gotta' have the dope on theese selectively-twisty little guys!!


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Just a guess here....but having dealt with a couple machine shops try the smaller shops such as JP Ross/M&M Grinding in Seattle or Puget Sound Precision in Port Townsend or somewhere over there. Small companies with about 6 a lot of work for the lazy B and other big firms. (They also carry for Cleveland Punch and Dies and other numerous outfits.) But more important they speak your language....and probably could point you in the right direction if not directly.


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Boca Bearing does offer a few roller clutch bearings. I have used them in my reels with no problems to date. They offer a standard size which is the same as Lamson is using in their reels. And a metric that Danielsson is using in the Evotech LW's.