NF Stilly/Sauk Camping Options

I'll be working around Darrington for a few days next week (bank restoration work on the Stilly) and am planning on camping during the duration of the project. Can anyone suggest some camping locations near town or within 15 miles or so? Streamside locations preferred as I'll be fishing in the evenings. Also, any good diners/resturaunts in town?

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There is a campground heading out of town on the Mountain Loop Hiway at Clear Creek and a Snohomish County Park in town on the Sauk. As for directions to the CO park,I can't help as I found it just driving around town. Plus there are some rough spots up on French Creek. An old DNR camp.

I think anything else was washed out in the flood of '03.



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Squire Creek Campground is right outside of Darrington. It's got easy access to the Stilly, Sauk, and other rivers in the area. It's a nice little campground.



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That's the Squire Creek campground just east of Whitehorse grocery store and gas station and a few miles west of Darrington. That will be closest to your work and recreation. Good luck.


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Thanks fellas. On the map it looks like the Squire Creek Campground is very close to where I'll be working (Swede Haven Road). I still might look for something a bit more remote.

On another note: Is it worth my time to fish the Sauk around Darrington? Any dollies this time of year there? I know the steelies are in the NF, and I'll definately be chasing them, but I'm also wanting to do some exploring. I primarily fish on the Olympic Peninsual due to my home local, so I don't know the Puget Sound "S" rivers very well. All helpfull suggestions/advice are welcome. Thanks.