South Sound Baitfish

Wondering if anyone else has noticed the baitfish schooling in Case Inlet. I counted a dozen separate schools in about a 1/2 mile area south of Dougal Point. The water conditions might have made viewing the surface activity easier but it seems like there are more this year than in the past. I also talked to someone who has noticed schooling baitfish fish in Toten Inlet.

John P.
John, I live on Hamersley Inlet and have noticed a lot more baitfish this year in comparison to previous years. I've been on the road a lot recently so I haven't been fishing as much as usual but, as I lay in bed I sure have heard the seals thrashing fish on a regular basis. So, using the frequency of seal thrashings a guide, I'd say the silvers are really in there. I'll tell you when I get back fron B.C. :beer2:
The abundance of baitfish is why so many coho did not migrate out to the open ocean and remained in Puget Sound. This bodes well for autumn when the well-fed resident coho will probably weigh in at 4-5 pounds. This happens now and then.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson