Noocksack Steelhead

I've been reading the forum for quite a while now and think this is a great idea, so I decided to join. I just moved to Bellingham and have fished the Noocksack a few times with no luck. I'm wondering if this river has a good numbers of Summer run Steelhead and what flies produce on this river sysyem. I'm also having trouble finding good public access. Any input would help.


While I don't have an answer to your question, WDFW does. Go to their web site and e-mail the question. They're good for answering (in 7 - 10 days!). Kinda slow, but they will answer.


o mykiss

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If you look at the WDFW harvest summaries for recent years (link below), Nooksack looks pretty bleak for summer steelhead (or winter, for that matter).


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There are a few summer fish. Not many and not enough to get me out there and it is my back yard.

There will be silvers in the river starting in Sep. Winter steelhead in late Nov. Again not many. Too many nets in the river over the last 20 plus years and every year. It used to be managed for the natives so that they were done netting as early as possible. This protected some late native winter fish. Jan and Feb. Don't know how those fish are doing these days.

For some early steelhead possibilites go to Welcome turn right cross the river and park on the right. Walk downstream and the middle fork comes in. Used to be some early action there. Talking Nov. This is also a good area for Dogs.