Any Pink Sightings or Reports


joshzarling said:
I heard Point No Point was a good place. Any suggestions.
If you have a boat, launch at Salsbury near hood canal, head north and fish foulweather bluff. If you've got a good boat you can go all the way around and hit point no point from there to.


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Humpy Man,
Check your regs. Marine Area 8-2: "Port Susan closed to SALMON fishing Aug. 1-Aug. 31 and closed to the retention of PINK SALMON Sept. 1-Sept. 31." Port Susan is defined as waters north of a line from Camano Head to marker approximately 1.4 miles NW of Hermosa Pt.


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Humpy man -
Preston is corrected!

There reason is that the forecasted run size for the Stillaguamish (132,000) is less than the established escapement goal for the basin (155,000). Thus the closed areas where the focus of the fishery would be targeting Stillaguamish pinks.

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18 july 05,

Still no sign of pinks in the Snohomish. I fished the top few salmon pools last night and saw nothing rolling. Hooked nothing. Don't expect to see any for a couple weeks.



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I'll give Hoodsport a try on Thursday. It's been along time since I've hooked a Pink, and never on a fly. Should be a good excuse to try out the spey rod I just built from a Rainshadow blank. It's a 13 foot 8/9 two hander. I've only a floater and Intermediate clear line for it yet. Do I need something to scrape bottom with?