Fixing A Broken Bamboo Flyrod

I broke a lovely 8 foot bamboo fly rod made by Jeff Pope while fighting a Dearborn River rainbow this week. The fish in this Missouri River tributary fight harder than almost any fish I know! Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Jeff Pope or where I can take the rod to be fixed?

The Dearborn River...Hmmmm...can't say as I've ever heard of that one. How about some details? PM me if you are nervous about the Word Wide Web.

Bob, the Of course, I don't know every river in Montana but I do know a lot of them. :thumb:
Dave,Where did you access the Dearborn? I will be in Great Falls Labor Day. I have never been able to find a place to enter the river,with the Exception of Highway 200#. Is there some place closer to Great Falls on 15#? If you do not want to post that info on a message board,let me know. Thanks,Mark.
You can reach the Dearborn by taking the Dearborn Exit off Highway 15 which parallels the Missouri. There is a rough dirt road which heads over the mountain and intersects the Dearborn at a swimming hole after about 30 minutes. The farther you wade up or down the river from the road the better the fishing gets. There are signs which say that access is limited to members of the Dearborn Landowners Association. I get around this by having friends in the area who own a cabin. The locals seem to take a fairly lassez faire approach. The swimming holes where the road hits the river always seem to be occupied.

The Dearborn has plenty of fish between 8 and 20 inches. Most seem to want a #12-14 hares ear fished as a dropper under a grasshopper or stimulator. Each year I hook at least one fish which leaves me wondering. Perhaps they are big browns. They rarely jump and break off after wrapping the fly around the nearest snag.

We stay at the Hayes Cabin on the Missouri during the first week of July. I run up to breakfast with my friends and fish the Dearborn in the morning, hang out with the family in the heat of the day and then return to the Missouri for the evening PMD hatch.

My friends tell me that the Dearborn fishes great from Labor Day on. The fish are concentrated in the rivers pools.

I know where that exit is located. I believe there was a Casino that burnt down there a few years ago. My wife is from Great Falls and we are going back to see her parents. I have not been in Great Falls in 5 or 6 years. Good luck on having Jeff repair your rod. He has restored a Granger and Phillipson rod and they came back looking brand new. Again I really appreciate the advice. Mark Harris.