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I went out to hoodsport today to give a try for some pinks on the outgoing, there wasn't much happening saw one fish and there was a gear guy that had one and I heard that a couple of guys in pontoons were having some success, my question is does anyone know the beach access rules I understand the bouy markers and fishing inside of them but what about outside the farthest outer bouys, what I mean is if you were to draw a line from the furthest outside bouys and if you were able to wade it, fish outside that line parrallel to the beach casting in, would that be legal, Or maybe it would be easier to understand if I were to ask, are the outer bouys marking the end of the private property, I saw a post last year that covered this but after doing a search and a bunch of reading I'm unable to find it, when I was out there today I was wading out there and a lady started yelling at a bunch of gear guys who were obviously tresspassing and I decided to leave and return with a better understanding of the rules, I can't believe the property owners own past the low tidelines but thats what this woman was claiming, so where does their property stop, the far shore line? does anybody know


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The regs for Marine Area 12 has a diagram of the hatchery zone but the whole south canal is open now for salmon so you could fish outside the zone and still be legal. What is different is the size, species, and catch limits are more liberal inside the zone.
I understand your confusion. I was there on Wed at 2:00 PM. As I arrived at the north side of the hatchery, I noticed that several guys were fishing outside of the markers. Past years this has been a sore point with the residents there. The owners of the house closest to the hatchery claims to own the "oyster beds" that are being walked on by fishermen. These beds have long been dead. But being a property owner, I can kinda sorta relate. Which is why you can't back right up to the boat launch and put your tube or pontoon boat in the water. Right now, you must carry in through a 2' opening in the fence to reach the water.
So getting back to last Wed. A Mason County deputy arrived and got all of the trespassers in a straight line on the beach and chewed ass for fifteen minutes. He didn't hand out any citations, but tickets are written on both sides of the hatchery every year. Funny thing, they seldom check for barbless hooks, or fishing licenses. And just so you know, you can float your boat/tube over this private property. Just don't stand on the ground.
The thing is, everyone know what a real zoo Hoodsport is every sumer for kings, and pinks. But the real show of shows happen during the chum run.



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I agree that the "boundaries" for Hoodsport are confusing. I have been led to believe that tideland ownership only extended to "mean" or average low tide mark; otherwise, "your" beach wouldn't end would it? The diagragm posted at the hatchery shows the area restricted inside the yellow bouys and private lands outside of the red bouys.The line of red bouys only extend a short distance from the hatchery, 100? ft or so. I have fished this area as though the line extends to edge of the water and encountered no problems with either landowners of WDFW/law enforcement. I think it'd be nice if this were clarified in the regs. It might lead to better relations with the locals and fewer tickets for the fisherfolk. One small thing puzzles me though; it's when the boaters beach and walk directly across the private lands at the creek mouth and walk up to use the latrines at the hatchery, the landowners don't yell at them, just the the folks fishing from the beach :rolleyes: .