My version of the Miyawaki Beach Popper


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You should cut the front hook off for a couple reasons. 1.) Most regs call for single hook barbless and there is a mandatory release of searun cutthroat. 2.) the popper head renders the gape of the forward useless. It will never hook any fish as it is.

Are you sure one of the pictured flies is one of mine? I have never left the forward hook intact.

Nice job though. How's it look wet?

I am going to cut the front hook. I don't think that it was your fly, just one that some one tied up. I got messed up on that, sorry. Thanks for the advise, I will get it wet very soon and tell ya how it works.
Do you find that your version works better in some way than the original Miyawaki Popper? My own experience, right up to last week on Vancouver Island is that the original has been pretty well thought out and continues to be one of my top two or three saltwater cutthroat patterns. Since I do accumilate information on flies for my personal research (and for fly chapters in my books) I'd be interested in learning about the rationale behind your version. If you prefer, you can send me a PM.
Les Johnson