End of July Montana Report

My dad and I fished the madison all day saturday with good success early and late. Incredidble spinner falls in the evening brought in a ton of fish. Fished a nice side channel in the morning sight casting to some nice fish but only landed 1. Headed over to dillon and fished the beav for a while with one 20" brown and a few smaller fish. Also fished warm springs but only one small brown to show. Casted to a pod of 25"+ for about 3 hours with nothing but a load of whities. Those sons of bitches are so hard to catch when they know your there. Eventually I will get a tank out of there bu tnot yet. Good trip, short trip, but fun.


spent spinner
I fished the Madison 6 days last week. Caught far more fish on mayflies (epeorus cripples & spinners, flavs, etc.) than on caddis. Only on Saturday evening did we get that typical frantic caddis action right at dusk. The spinner fall on Tuesday evening was HEAVY. Nailed many fish just blind casting to the likely spots (which apparently are not likely to 95% of the anglers there.)