My first Washington Salmon!

Yesterday I was out fishing a spot on Whidbey that I go, looking for some action. Of course I have my Fly rod with me, but just in case it was too windy I brought my gear.

I get to my spot only to realize that the wind is blowing too hard against my casting arm, and not really feeling like piercing my own ear "AGAIN" I put the fly rod away and grabbed my Ugly Stik.

I know what you are thinking, just another guy throwing buzz bombs out there... but the answer is no! I am a fly fisherman and prefer to do things my own way and not follow everyone else. So I tried some other things to no avail.

I fished, "Casted" rather for almost 4 hours straight with the occasional water and snack break. It was almost time to leave, I sometimes have a fishing curfew you guys know what I am talking about! :beathead: Anyways it was just about the last cast when.......It hit!!!! :eek: I was shocked it came out of nowhere, a strong real slow tug. I was thinking this feels big, real big. I had the drag on my Penn set perfectly everytime the fish would run or tug real hard it would compensate. The fish took me on a long run and I know the people down the beach could hear my drag screaming!!!!! I had control, then the fish, then me, and back and forth for almost 15 minutes. Finally I drag this fish into about a foot of water and witnessed its silver beauty!!! Fresh from the ocean sea lice and all. He was heavy estimating around 15lbs. This was a great first Washington Salmon. I was proud and humbled by this creature as I revived him. After a few minutes the fish was ready to be returned to the deep, as I saw him swim away i thought what an amazing Wild Chinook!
saw 2 nice kings hooked at a north sound beach last night - back to back. I landed a resident coho on a 4" able anchovie type pattern. No pinks in sight.



I'm going to be staying on Whidbey this weekend, I plan on fishing around Ft Casey and maybe deception pass, if you have any other spots or tips you might be willing to recomend to me in private message I'd appreciate it and reciprocate if you ever make it down to the south sound.

Congrats on the nice fish.