8-12" Rainbow Trout patterns


Workin in a sweet mullet
So, starting in October the NDOW (Nevada dept. of wildlife) releases 8-12" rainbow trout into the Colorado river. Big deal, you might say, but the huge stripers that live there think of these releases as a dinner bell going off. I have been tying Puglisi-style (www.epflies.com), but I can't tie them that big, without them getting too big and bulky to throw with my 9 wt. (The EP fibers get really heavy when they get wet)
Does anyone have any patterns or suggestions for tying an 8-12" RB trout? Maybe a giant shock-and-awe style would be just the ticket....

I have heard that one of the most effective ways to fish is with AC plugs (floating walk-the-dog type of plugs) so maybe some topwater popper style trout patterns would work well too....

Thanks in advance for the input.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Instead of tying directly on to a huge hook, try running a piece of string (your choice really) between two hanging hooks (the kinds used to hang pictures). Screw the hooks into boards that you can clamp onto a desk or some other makeshift station. I wish I could show you this I'm struggling with painting a picture with words. Ulitmately you end up with a twisted piece of string with two loops on either end. The string becomes your base for your fly, and you use the top loop as the eye of your fly and the other loop as a loop to tie a trailer hook to. This produces very light flies that you can easily tie in much larger sizes, it just takes some tweaking to create a system that allows you to keep the string tight.

As far as materials are concerned, the string or yarn you use could create your body color and from there you can use whatever flashy material works for you.

Good luck.

For big flies, I like yak hair. The stuff is awesome. I also like Big Fly Fiber. It's kinda a pain to work with, but it's synthetic, doesn't hold water, but does hold it's shape underwater. It's kinda curly on one end, and straight on the other. Works well for making long, big flies.



Workin in a sweet mullet
Thanks for the input. I will do some more "experimental tying" and let you all know what I come up with...

Thanks again