16 days until MT and the Madison

Can't wait to hit the water again. Spending the first full week of September fishing and closing the house for the winter. After that it is hauling the 5th wheel to northern Washington to live while working. If anyone will be there that week PM me and we will try to meet up to show you some of my favorite fishing spots on the Madison. :beer2:
Just got back from the FFF conclave in Livingston. The Madison was fishing well and the Yelowstone was exceptional! :thumb: Your going to have a great time.


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wife and I will be in Mt from Sept 28th till October 20th but unfortunatly alot later than you will be there.
Hey Davy, you are going to be there at one of the best times with all of the browns moving up river to spawn. Just hope the weather holds with cold nights and not too cold days. We had some of our best fishing last year, mid October. Late October can be pretty iffy for weather. We hit -9 at night 2 years ago the last week in October. Make sure you have anti-freeze in your car. :thumb: