Steelhead runs


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As I was looking at the photo gallery, I noticed that there has not been a new steelhead photo posted since April 10th. It has been a rough year for steelhead in many Oregon rivers, is this the same in Washington?
Rough for me at least.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I read on here the other day someone mentioned it was bad, and water was low everywhere.

How's the water down there?



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Most of the reservoirs in Nevada and Utah are still completely full, and some are still spilling over the top of the dams, and its raining right now here in Las Vegas. Considering that many of them went completely dry last year, I'd say that they are doing well.
I wish it was like that up there....
Calling the steelhead runs this year bad is a complete understatement. The fish just don't seem to be there. And it isn't just me I haven't talked to very many guys that are even having an average summer. Something is going on out in the ocean that isn't good and combined that with habitat loss, etc and it is a down year. I just hope it doesn't last more then this year.

Water is low but not as bad as I first thought it would be with as little snow we had this winter, the spring\summer rain saved us some.

Don I hope you are right about the Fall. I plan on making up for this last winter. I think I might have to start with the Deschutes next week.
The rivers in Oregon have also been low. I work at a fly shop and I have been trying to keep everyones spirits high(including myself), but it has been difficult. Obviously not every year can be good, but we came off of an unbelievable year last year, and I hope this year is not a trend. Without a steelhead hooked to the end of my line I feel empty.


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I found them. was at the Cowlitz yesterday. The river is loaded. I hooked one at mission, Caught and lost one near Blue creek, and caught one and lost three, plus a king just below the boat launch at the salmon hatchery. maybe it was just one of those, "you should have been here yesterday", days. seemed at least half the people I met, had a fish. was very surprised at the lack of people fishing, guess its been slow lately.


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It appears from your note the better looking blonde SH have hit the Cowlitz .....but once the unlucky guys hit the sand bar and consume a few and have those beer goggles on they will soon be in the other rivers. If you catch a hen a she's a little overweight and potruding...the bucks will soon be following. But Hell yes it has been slow! My 7 weight has been stiff to long and needs a bend.


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The runs for the Columbia look promising for the fall in the inland northwest i.e. Clearwater, GR, as well as the Big D. There are a good number of A-runs in now too. Save your tokens for mid Sept-mid Nov.