Anyone seen the pinks yet?

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I am coming out to fish with tightline for pinks in sept. and have yet to make my plans because the pinks seem to be a bit late this year coming into the Skagit and Sky. Has anyone had any luck running into them? My plans were to come the weekend of the 8th, too early this year? Any thoughts or reports would be great. thanks isaac

Steve Rohrbach

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There are lots of reports of Pinks in the south sound. The Seattle Times Sports page this morning listed lots of Pinks caught in the Where Their Bitting section. North sound fish seem a little slow. I would start looking for them in the mentioned rivers right now.
The Skagit is not just off but it is out below the Sauk. However, while fishing for dollies at about mile marker 99 on hwy 20 at Rockport atop a large wood pile -can't miss it- I hooked a couple of Pinks. They're -some- higher than I would have thought.
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Scott Behn

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I have had several customers come into the shop in last few days and talk about the herds of pinks they see going through some of the holes in the lower stretches of the snohomish system.

The thing that pisses me off is the number of individuals that I hear are out there fishing them (yesterday and earlier) claiming they are steelheading.

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Hey Scott,it is kind of hard not to catch then if you are using pink flies for steelhead as they all seem to hit that color. I was over at the Stilly the other day and I didn't see anything in the way of fish or car theives. :clown:


Also as I was paging thru the regs,I notice that not to many rivers are open for Pinks this year as there have been in the past. That is the "S" rivers. unless there is a change at the WDFW site.



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So, if I'm reading the regs correctly, starting today, I can fish the Sky/Snohomish (up to the Lewis St. Bridge), and on Sept 1st, I can start fishing above the Lewis St. Bridge.

Also starting Sept 1, I can fish the Stilly (above Marine Dr), but can't bonk any Pinks.

I looked for emergency closures that further restrict my assumptions above, but didn't see any. Am I off base?

If I'm not, then the Stilly (starting 9/1) up around Stanwood might be fun for C&R, as there won't be the elbow-to-elbow crowds out to murder as much salmon-meat as they can get away with.

Straighten me out if I've got it wrong :eek: ...

I went on a recon mission last night on the Sky from Monroe south. I saw a couple of gear tossers working down by the Prison; however, did not see any sign of pinks. The water level is extremely low which may be impacting the return of the pinks.


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BobA said:
I went on a recon mission last night on the Sky from Monroe south. I saw a couple of gear tossers working down by the Prison; however, did not see any sign of pinks. The water level is extremely low which may be impacting the return of the pinks.
Well, as I was driving into work this morning, I crossed over the LSB and saw a large splash, and a smaller swirl just downstream of the bridge. Might be worth a shot early in the morning. :thumb:

I also did a little 'recon' Saturday and Monday on both sides of the river between Snohomish and Monroe. The only large pockets of fish seemed to be below 522 bridge and were holding in the deeper pools [saw a couple dozen jump in a half hour yesterday, but they would turn and go deep]. Talked to a couple of 'skunked' gear guys and they pointed out a Fly fisherman downstream that had landed [and to their dismay] RELEASED 4 Pinks! :rofl: SEAN, I read the regs the same as you, but the Snoqualmie opens on Sept.1. You have to release all Pinks. QUESTION: we all remember the floods 2 years ago, so why wouldn't Fish and Game CLOSE the season until they were assured of an adequate return??!! They know how to have emergency closures; they should be able to do the reverse!


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The pink forecasts in the North Puget Sound area are based on the abundances of fry on the marine beaches - in this case in the spring of 2004. The fry would have survived the flood of October 2003. The fry counts in the Snohomish area was the third highest in the last 35 years. If there is any kind of marine survival there should be lots of them. You can see that the flood had some impact as the escapement was 1.4 million but the forecast was for a little less than a million.

An aside was that of 1.4 million pinks that spawned in the Snohomish system less than 5% were in the Snoqualmie which is why that portion of the basin is not open for pinks.

As a practical matter there is no way to know with any certainity what the run size is on the Snohomish until the fish spawn. I suppose that any pink fishery could be closed until say mid-October when there would be a good indication on what the run size was but it would be a little late for much of a fishery.

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Scott Salzer

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There are a S#^&&%* of pinks in AK. Just got back, and the are hugging the shore, heading up rivers, just waiting to get hooked. I didn't fish, I know, stupid, stupid of me. Trying to make up for the eight weeks in a row that I fished inthe spring. Aah, but Sept. / Oct. / Nov. is getting close and there may be another eight weeks in a row...

Off this weekend with TM to find some fish - not in the warm waters, though.

Tight lines, MB


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How about the WDFW considering the impact of the crazy hot water temperatures and low water levels as a reason for an emergency closure. Last wednesday night I launched my sled at the snoqualmie high bridge launch. Temp =>72F. Seriously. At the confluence the temp was 65F. With these low waters & high temps, the fish are very stressed. Don't we expect to see pretty significant kills? How about the survival rate of a C&R'd humpy... Surely lots will die.

I was flyfishing a skykomish riffle for steelhead, landed a small humpy (quickly) and had a very abnormal time reviving it.



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Salmo -
Given your concern about the stream temperatures why are you fishing?

How about anglers take responsibility for our own actions? Do we need WDFW to legislate our ethics?

Hopefull by the time the block of the fish enter the system (early September) temperature will be more favorable.

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