Bighorn River Report

I got to of spend 5 days at a very nice lodge on the Bighorn outside of Ft. Smith, Montana last week. Needless to say the fishing was off the hook. The water is up this year (was at 4000 cfs) and the fish were everywhere. Lots of 14"-18" fish and qiute a few hogs. This was a learning experience from the start, 14' leaders, small balloons for indicators (very cool), 2 nymph set-ups. Most fish were caught on a size 18 pink sow bug as a dropper off the worm, or the Bighorn version of the San Juan Worm. I will be going back in 2 years with my wife next time instead as the guest of a client. Biggest fish was a hog Brown. The browns were great fighters and very good jumpers, but the 'bows were out of this world, hard fighters with broad shoulders. A few took me into the backing on my 4 weight. It also had a very well stocked Bass pond to kill the time after dinner I caught about 2 dozen one night on top water poppers off the dock. I am attaching a couple of shots and will load alot more into the gallery. If you want any details on where I stayed PM me and I will send you the web site. :thumb: