Day starts out lousy but turns into a memorable one

Yesterday my fishing buddy and I fished a shoreline that had been holding pink salmon for over a week. We fished it for several hours early in the morning and only landed 1 fish.

Mid-morning we decided to take a boat ride and look for some SRC on the outgoing tide. The first beach/point that we stopped at we saw some large salmon jumping/rolling and thought wow they must be some adult silvers. So we immediately switched from pink flies to olive/white clouser minnows. Within a couple of casts I hooked a 5-6 lb. salmon. Believing that it was a silver, my mind was thinking how great it would be filleted and in the smoker. Well, it turned out to be a pink salmon and I caught another pink a couple of minutes later on the Olive/white clouser minnow. What a surprise! We switched to back to pink flies and had non-stop action for an hour with it slowing down for the next hour until we left at 1PM. At times it was like a fire drill as we land 7 doubles(they are the best) with sometimes fly lines and rods going up over and under. The handle of the fishing net broke which added to the turmoil. Needless to say, we were doing a lot of laughing/ cackling. It was a memorable day that we will remember/talk about for a long time.

Sometimes when you least except it you get lucky and stumble into a mother lode of fish on Puget Sound. They are days to remember and keep bringing you back to the Sound. You know that those type of days will happen again with the hope that they will not be too far off in the future.



"Say, nice bead head earring"
Without giving away too much, might I ask if you were fishing out of Boston Harbor? I met you there a few months back ( I had the small livinston) and while I've managed to find myself some nice SRC spots with a bit of leg work I haven't found any salmon, particularly pinks whick I would like to tackle on the 6 wt.

I need some inspiration. Thanks.