Puyallup Pinks: Still pouring in?


Rich Layendecker
I was at Brown's Point Wednesday and Thursday for a few hours each day. I saw a few fish caught by gear guys but none by fly fishers. Talked to others on the beach and they said the action was very slow.


Be the guide...
hit it at first light and you'll have a better chance. Patience is good to have while you wait for a shcol to show up. Then hit it hard as it may only last a few minutes...

Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
I was there last Sunday, then on Wednesday, and there again today. It was slower each time. I'm thinking the run is definitely petering out.....
I am hoping that the fish may be a bit more active and closer to shore this coming week with the predicted cooler, cloudier weather. I am going to be there.

Tried out Brown's Point this morning. Began at 6 a.m. and fished till 8 a.m. but to no avail. Only saw one other guy getting a pink -- that was it!!