Area 10 Report - 9/7

Fished LP this morning, very very slow. Just one small wild coho caught on the fly by a fellow angler. No jumpers, very little bait activity. In a word, slooooooow...
Hooked one this morning after most of the guys left- BUT the ##@$ line got knotted around the #$%* reel handle and I lost the fish. It was the only action I or anyone else on the beach (as far as I could tell) had all morning. Once again I concur, quite slow.
Lincoln Park in west Seattle, just north of the Vashon ferry.

Herl, I feel your pain. That happened to me last summer on a big bonefish. After losing that fish I didn't see another one for a week (I was on a sailboat with a bunch of non- or at least very casual- anglers and the the good habitat was scattered). It always seems to happen with fish you really, really want to land.