labor day weekend

I took my first Washington flyfishing expedition this weekend, having just recently moved out here from Michigan. I drove over to North Bend and fished the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie for about half of Saturday. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

I can't say I had too much luck in the fishing department. Most of my past flyfishing has been for smallmouth or stripers -- a little bit for brookies in the UP of Michigan -- so I could use more trout practice. Saturday I caught about 5 fish, 4 were small trout (6-7 inches) and one was a sucker fish of some type. I caught them all on small bead-headed nymphs. I had a few strikes on dry flies, too, but no hook-ups.

It was a fun experience, though, and I look forward to going back. I also look forward to hitting the Salmon and Steelhead waters in a couple of weeks.

If anyone's looking for a weekend fishing buddy for the next three weeks, let me know. My girlfriend's leaving town and I'm planning to fish each weekend.


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You don't need to wait for a few weeks; the steelhead have been coming in for a while. I was on the Sky yesterday early am, fishing around Startup and Sultan. I had a nice take in one of my favorite runs, but lost the fish after about ten seconds.

I'm not used to the Sky being so low; I've never learned which holes fish better at below 700 cfs, so a lot of my favorite water just wasn't fishing well.

The plus side was that I was able to wade all the way across the river in some really unusual places, and the river was relatively empty. I did not see another fly fisher, even when driving by Buck Island a couple of times.

Just watch out for the fair traffic.


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I know it's not fishin, but up at elk camp all weekend, trying to get sausage for the fall fishin trips. Can't beleive it, but we are in one of the few areas where there ain't no water but seeps! The rod stayed home.....


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Salmon and sea-run cutthroat are already in along the beaches Puget Sound. The Stilly has sea-run cutthroat in good numbers now.
No major excursions, but did hit the upper Sky after work on Friday and finally landed my first steelhead this summer. It felt really good to hold the little hen. Currently 1 for 4 in hook-ups to in hand. Oh well that is why they call it fishing and not catching. :THUMBSUP
It started a little early, but was a good weekend. Two steelhead Thursday morning, took my dad Friday morning and we each got one, then a long day of fishing for two SRCs between the two of us Sunday.


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I trekked up the Queets about 7 miles. Absolutely beautiful country but the dryest I've ever seen the rainforest. Lots of fishing but little catching. I spotted a number of steelhead but they tended to be holding in the most riduculous of log jam mazes. I would have been interesting at the least to wrestle one out of the twigs on the light tippets called for under such low and clear water conditions. I rose one fish on Sunday morning to a riffle hitched Royal Wulff, but quickly lost the fish after an all too brief hook up. I hope to go back in a month or so to find more water and more fish.
Got out Saturday morning to the Foss river. Beautiful little river, nobody there but me and the bears. I got there (and left) too early for any good fishing. Not much insect activity before 10am. A friend told me that the bugs in the high country may not be hatching until a little later and that the fish could be keeping banker's hours.

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I might be old---but I'm good.

I like that little river. Not very good access but when you find it you keep it a secret. My biggest out of it is 21" with lots of 14"er's thrown in.

Didn't get to fish Labor day weekend. The fly rod was just too much weight to bring along. I need to pick up an ultralight setup. Maybe the LS1.5 and a 5 piece 590-sp. It this the lightest on the market going right now? Preston, (gearhead) you would know this can you give me advise? I really need a lighter packrod.

As far as this weekend, I hiked up through Bachelor Creek drainage in the Glacier Peak wilderness. Saw a kid on the bank of Cub Lake. No one else around. His parents must have been huddled around a fire at Itswoot Lake. The kid said someone pulled a 23"er from Cub the day before.

The following day my party (4) climbed Dome Peak. Tried for Gunsight but the weather didn't hold long enough for the glacier traverse.

I did get my photos back from a hike near the Enchantment Lakes the weekend before...I got a nice photo of a bright red-bellied westslope. Probably 17".

Did anyone else fish alpine lakes this weekend?