Stilly still in good shape?

I'm thinking about hitting the stilly after work today. Does anyone know how it handled the rain last night? Will it be muddy?

Also, how quickly after a rain can a noticeable increase in fish abundance be seen?

Thanks for any help.


The graph was just updated and it's still rising.

I've been trying all morning to get ahold of a friend who lives up there to find out what it looks like. IF I HAD TO SPECULATE, I'd say the upper river is very fishable. Maybe above Oso, maybe above steelhead heaven, maybe about the Boulder River. Hard to say.

I thought about going today too, but will probably go tomorrow.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

I was on the lower river today but I didn't fish. Just to lazy I guess. Well it is still down and clear but I kept running into rain showers between Island Crossing and Arlington. Some were heavy and some were light. But as I looked up toward the hills I could see that it was raining up there.

Isn't it funny that we wish for rain and when we get it we want it to stop because it blows all the rivers out. As fisher persons we are never happy.