Pattern receipe for a silver nympth?

I was at Red's Fly Shop today and saw what looked like a PT nympth tied with silver mylar. I was told that it was a real hot fly on the Yakima. Anyone have a receipe for this? Help is always appreciated.

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It's probably the lightning bug, this is how i tie it.

tail- pheasant tail fibers
body- flat silver tinsel
thorax- peacock herl or peacock dubbing
wing case- silver tinsel
legs- pheasant tail fibers
head- silver bead

i tie in 5 or 6 strands of pheasant tail for the tail, but do not clip the butt ends off. after you have the tail the length that you want it tie in a strand of flat silver tinsel and wrap it forward over the butt ends of the pheasnt tail that you had left from the tail. now you can either tie off and trim the silver tinsel and tie in a seperate piece for the wing case or leave the original piece from the body attached and use it instead. for the thorax i prefer peacock dubbing so i dub a thorax then pull the left over pheasant tail fibers and make an under wing case then with the silver tinsel pull that over the under wing case and tie of the tinsel. seperate the pheasant tail fibers that are left and tie them back which should leave you with 2 or 3 legs per side and trim them to the desired length. if you desire a beadhead, obvioyusly you would put that on the hook first. i apologize if this is confusing but it is so much easier to show then to type it down. i hope you can make something out of this.

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correct-a-mundo! Also very effective tied with mylar for a pearly/irridescent look. I tie a lot of these and they are fish catchers. Go get 'em!


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Lightening bug huh? works good ? hmmmmmm. On the Yakima???? Yes ,indeed it does. I tie and fish them #8 thru 20 . Especially when the sun is high.


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If it didn't look like the Lightning Bug already provided, and if it looked like a PT with the standard pheasant tail tail and body but with a silver wing case, the fly would be Tim Tollet's (he owns a fly shop in Dillon, MT and originated the flash back nymphs a good 20 years ago) Flash Back Pheasant Tail.

The fly is tied just like a PT except you tie a wing case in of mylar tinsel (either the all silver or the silver/gold with the silver up) over the thorax. When Tim ties it larger than #18, he uses a peacock herl thorax, the same as Al Troth.

This style nymph with the silver mylar wing case can be used on any of the standard mayfly nymphal imitations. The silver wing case provides a shimmering, moving spot of light as the fly is fished and this moving, shimmering spot of light helps move fish to the fly probably because it provides a good illusion of life.
I'm not trying to be a dope here, but if you were at the fly shop and physically saw the fly, why didnt you buy a few and keep one at the tying bench as a sample???

No matter where I go fly fishing, I always stop in at the locall fly shop (if one is nearby) and ask for some kind of assistance and always check out the fly bin. If theres something in there that catches my eye, I'll buy a couple and keep one for a sample.

Just a thought.