Giving it a shot

Hey, I'm thinking about buying an inexpensive kit and building a rod. The kits has'everything I need' and its supposed to be not too hard. Should I give it a shot, or does it require some serious dedication. Again, I'm just thinking of doing it for kicks. Any opinions?
just a little dedication. try it. the kits are cheap and then you'll know if you want to invest a bit and get serious. it never costs very much. in fact the first quality rod you build will save all the $ you could ever invest in the hobby. course in my case i'd never spend the extra $ for the top factory rods, so i don't know if i really save anything. my money goes to put me in places where the fishing is fantastic, not where the casting is fantastic.
That is how I got started. I picked up a book, read it, and got an inexpensive kit. It is not too difficult but it does require a little patience and attention to detail. Since I took the plunge 2 years ago, I have built 4 rods, each one a little bit better than its predecessor. My rods are not going to win any prizes but they are all solid tools for fishing. Try it and you'll probably find that you really enjoy cacthing fish with your very own hand crafted rod.

If you do move to Vancouver, one of the local club members puts on a class/workshop every year (usually in January) where a bunch of us put together kits over a few evenings and some additional work at home to complete the wrapping and apply the finish. Kits are a great way to go. I've build four and really enjoy fishing them. It's a bit like fly tying: you can learn it yourself but it's easier if you have some guidance. In any case, go for it.