lake lenice, nunnally report


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Does anyone know what is going on at lake lenice or nunnally as far as how they are fishing and what patterns are working? Also, does anyone know the water temperature?

Went to Nunnally last this past weekend. It's still warm but the fishing was pretty good. Red dragon flies where drawing trout to the service and a good immitation will stop the heart! I talked to a guy who said he did well in the morning with a scud immitation.

I had the best luck going to the west side of the lake and letting the wind push me east. As it did, I casted the dragon fly into the shore. I'm sure there where other things working, I honestly did not give anything else an honest effort.

If you go over this week end, I may see you there.

I'll be fishing in a blue outcast.

Take care and Good luck!



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Thanks for the info. I am hoping to go over this weekend. I have only fished at Lenice twice and never at nunnally. What is the differnce between the two (why do you fish Nunnally?) I use a green/black and orange Togiak (pontoon boat /float tube hybrid)



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I'm thinking of going over the hump to do a little fishing. I will be using a pontoon boat. I will be carrying it inflated on top of my car. I keep hearing that I should let some air out of it going over the passes. Is this correct. I wouldn't want it to split any seams.

Speaking from experience...........YES, let some air out. I bought my first tube back in the 80's when they were nothing more than glorified inner tubes inside fabric covers with a few straps strung in the middle to act as a seat. Made the mistake of hauling it fully inflated over the mountains to try fishing an eastside lake. Got near Snoqualmie Pass and heard a pop. Pulled over at the summit and found that the seams on one side of the tube had burst.......end of fishing trip and end of story. Don't know if this would happen to today's newer tubes but I always underinflate mine now just in case.

Honestly, I have done more fishing at Lenise than I have at Nunnally.
Both are outstanding and both are very similar lakes. Nunnally doesn't seem to draw the crowd that Lenise does. This weekend I will most likely fish both lakes or go back to Nunnally, depending on the number of people. Good Luck and I hope to see you out there!