Firehole River and Ranch in Montana... Big fish?

Just wondering if anyone is familiar of this river and area. Is there big or decent fish here? What is the average fish size in this area and is this river better than the Yakima? Thanks!
Just went up to the 'hole and 'stone this summer. In the upper stretches the 'hole has brooks,bows, and some cutts. Lower down, it has everything, primarily browns and bows. To tell you the truth, the 'hole may or may not be open, cause when i went the high water temp was 78 degrees and it was closed to fishing. As for the average fish size, probably 12-14 inch rainbow or brown, however there are some large browns and bows, just like any other river you might fish. Although, the size of fish you are going to catch depends when you are going to go, i believe it closes somewhere around october or mebbe november. As to comparing it with the Yak, you really can't. They are 2 completly different waters in 2 different states, plus the yak is much better.