Yet another Washougal Report

Yesterday I hit the usual spot on the 'shoug.

Fished for about three hours with a total of around ohh a dozen fish or so. Three of which were rainbows from 12" on up to about 14". The rest were all baby steelies. Some of those were pushing 10"-12".

In my opinion, the river was just right. It was a little higher than what it was around three weeks ago and a good 15 degrees cooler to it seemed (I really dont know for shure. I just stuck my hand in to release a fish and the water made me say "brrrrr this water is a bit cooler than when I last remembered it.:thumb: ")

So if you are looking for 'bows in the 'shoug I think now is the time to do it.
PM for bugs and sizes if you dont know my usual on this river. (You could also check my other reports, I think I gave out my "seceret" method of attack. But then again what fun would that be??? You wouldnt be swapping PMs with the 'FISH SLAYER')

Ehh I need a drink!!!:beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1:
To bad it is only diet coke bawling: bawling: bawling:

May YOUR beer be frosty and cold :beer1: ptyd :beer2:

Ha HA HA It looks like the guy is taking drinks off the guys head who is crying!! Hahahahaha.

I just talked to a friend of mine who was down on the 'shoug on Sunday and he said he hooked into a 30" steelie off a GRHE.
Not doing anything that I know of. Saturday I am going up to Meril with a friend of mine. Linda wont want to go out on Saturday, so maybe we could meet you out there????

Oh man I a busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest on saturday. but sunday is clear for me. You do know the Gate is closed don't you?
I did not know about the gate. We might change plans and go to Goose Lake. They stocked it earlier this week.

Sunday I think I could meet up with you on the washougal.