Getting Chummy


Anyone out there have any experience or advice on targeting migrating chumms in the salt. I've enjoyed some success casting over stageing schools at creekmouths but am wondering if they can be caught off the beach while still on the feed. (word is they supplement their mostly plankton diet with crustaceans, baitfish and squid when nearshore.) Some of the fish my neighbors son in law netted last week did have feed in their gullets!

clouser wowser!
Chum salmon go off of the feed somewhere near the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Well, maybe not that far out but they are off the feed by the time they hit Puget Sound or Hood Canal. They are taken regularly off of many creek mouths and beaches as has been delineated on this site many times. Chum are opportunistic feeders and will take anything available although they do favor krill. I like small patterns along the beaches, my favorite being a bright green Flashabou Comet in size 6 or 8. Other favorites among chum anglers are the Handlebar, pink Starlight Leech, Iliamna Floozie or other similar attractors. Lead eyes too heavy will cause you to snag about as many as the buzz bombers do. Smaller or lightly weighted flies will fair-hook more fish.
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Steve Rohrbach

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