Allyn, Hoodsport, Potlatch report and ???

Fished Allyn on Friday and caught my first salmon in the salt on a fly. Pretty toothy critter. Not a great deal of surface activity. Drove up to Hoodsport to check out the craziness. There was actually some room to get in and fish, but I decided not to. Something about it just didn't seem appeal to me. I guess after I talked to a guy who was finishing up fly fishing and learned that he was foul hooking 4 out of every 5 fish I lost the taste to jump into the fray.

I was wondering if anybody has fished Potlatch? Have the majority of the chum run already come in there? Trying to figure out where to go this week and thought about Potlatch... but saw nobody fishing there on Friday when I drove by.

I'd go back to Allyn, but so far my last three visits have been underwhelming. Not sure if the run is late, small, or just about over for that area? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
The chum usually start arriving at Potlatch as the runs begans to fade at Hoodsport.
If you've never fished there, it's a real pain to fish there. The legal area (where most fish cruise through) is tight. I'm sure that more tickets are written there than at Hoodsport.
Advice, take your tube, pontoon boat, boat-boat.

Park to the left of the hatchery creek, which is on the right side. You will see a large tree, (cottonwood??) at the parking area. The legal area is to the left of the tree, or beyond the hatchery creek. There is usually a sign on the tree indication that this is the left boundary area, but folks just love to tear it down. You will see dayglow tape on the trees for the right boundary area.
Sorry, I can't be more helpful.

The Potlatch Hatchery is just a couple hundred yards south of Potlatch State Park. In fact, you should check out that area, if the hatchery area gets to crowded.



Be the guide...
I was at the park Saturday. No one was fishing and no sign of fish. Was tempted to drag my boat down to the water and give it shot. Looked like a pretty area.
I went to Kennedy Creek during out going tide on Sunday. Tons of people there, but well spread out rather than stacked at the meat hole. Landed 4 lost 2. Right now is the time to go.