Chums & Steelhead on the Snoqualmie??


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Tolt River area ...I don't know high the river is...there are several place to park and walk in to...but water level effects wading
Thew area called Sadler Barr, just upstream from Camp Gilead hold chums and steelehad. It may be a bit early for both. There is a late chum run there that arrives around Thanksgiving.
I fished around the Fall City area this afternoon and landed a nice buck. I hooked into something smaller in the same hole either a big SRC or smaller Steelie. When I set the hook because I thought I was snagged it zipped down stream and lost it...bawling: Luckily I was able to redeem myself a few casts later :rofl: Managed to get a picture with my camera phone before sending him on his way. Also, saw plenty of zombie kings but no signs of chums. Last year around this time I saw a concentration of them near the Carnation area.



nice buck. I got stuck showing homes to a client this afternoon........ I am going to try tommorow. It is late........ but i just got all my flies and gear organized again.

Where you on the Powell Rd area or under the bridge area? What fly did you nail him with?

Also, where in Issaquah do you live?



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Didn't fish, but was by the Snoqualmie / Tolt confluence this morning and the water levels weren't as bad as I thought they would be.

Visibiltiy was about one foot at the confluence, but the Tolt was pretty good, wasn't kicking out much mud at all. Maybe it's all washed down, since we've had so much rain recently. The island there was mostly covered and I saw one couple fishing when I first got there and talked to a few fly guys getting ready to head out for chums.

I assume it went up throughout the day, with some of the rain we got today. Still looked good to me and I saw a few silvers surfacing while I was there, up by the boat launch. Almost went back up there this afternoon, but didn't make it.

Drove back through Fall City, since I was heading out to Issaquah and things looked pretty good. Lot's of water in the Raging Trickle, so I wonder if many fish have moved up it?

Guess it's time to get out there! Gotta find the time! :cool:

Jason if you can get me a fixed 30 at 4% then I'll spill the beans :) But it wasn't on David Powell...
Brach sent you a PM of the area we live in. Maybe he can turn you on to a Steelie since I got him into his first this summer...