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those worms look awesome Hedburner !:thumb: hope I don't forget to include them in the assortments when I send out them out !?! :hmmm: Be a shame to waste them fishing myself, I would feel terrybyl .:rofl: :rofl:


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Don't worry Davey I'm going to throw in a few extra for you. And here's the recipie which I hope makes sense.

1. First step cut up a bunch of 20# dacron about 12 inches long. Now double one of those up and push the doubled end through the eye of an #2 Gamu octupus hook, bring the loop under the hook point and pull it tight.

2. To furl the two ends of dacron, put the hook in a vise and with a hackle plier on the each end of dacron twist in opposite directions, the right hand twist one way and the left hand twist it the other direction. Do at least 50 turns. Hold both pliers in one hand and release the hook from the vise with the other. After it stops spinning around both dacron ends will be furled around each other. You may have to smooth out some kinks but they do smooth out pretty easy. Now tie a simple over hand knot in the furled section about 4 inches from the hook. This keeps everything from unfurling and falling apart until you're ready to tie everything up. And that little knot is usefull to anchor the dacron to the other hook too.

3. Now put the hook in one vise and the end of the dacron in another vise.

4. Make a mark about three inches from the hook eye, so you know when to stop winding the bunny strip.

5. About a quater inch from the hook on the furled dacron start a couple of wraps of thread. Tie in a bunny strip. I'm using crosscut strips because the fibres will lay back towards the hook. Use good bunny strips that are tanned nice and soft and supple not any wider than around an eighth of an inch. After tieing the strip on tight. Real tight, if it's not tight you'll have problems with it spinning aroung on the dacron. Dab a small drop of super glue. Wait for that to set up. Now with your left hand (assuming right handedness here) keep a good grip on the tie on point and with your right hand wrap the strip around the dacron. Always keep the already winded on part in your grip while winding with your right hand otherwise the dacron will spin and you won't get a good tight wind. Wind up to the mark you made on the dacron and finish off with a some real tight wraps. Add another drop of super glue here and put a couple of half hitches in for good measure. Don't get any super glue on any unwrapped dacron becaus it will make the line really stiff. You don't have to cut off the tying thread, not cutting the thread saves some time. Just take this finished part out of the vise with the thread and bobin still attached.

6. Now take another hook, I used a #2 Gamu Siwash hook. Run a 1/4 pink Spirit River bead up the hook eye, use a pair of pliers to close the hook eye. Put this hook in a vise.

7. Now take the part that you have just wrapped with the bunny and wrap a base of thread on the hook.Leave a little bit of space between the bunny wrapped dacron and where you will start wrapping thread over the unbunnywrapped dacron, it makes sort of a flexable hinge . Spread some super glue on the thread base and place the dacron on this and wrapp real tight up and down, fold the dacron back over the wrapps, and that little knot will make an nice little anchor for everything wrapp it back up to the bead nice and tight and wait a few for the glue to set up.

8. Wrap the thread back to the back of the hook and tie on the left over strip of bunny that you cut off from step 5, you should have some leftover. Wrapp that up towards the bead tie off and trim.

9. Place two pieces of crystal flash on both sides tie off and whip finish and cement. Whack off the hook point from the hook shaft on the front hook, file down any sharp and your'e done.

10. Go fish!


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Got Banzai's Skagit Specials today and they are SMOKIN !!!!! Nice job !!! :thumb: :thumb:

I had to put on some sunglasss when I pulled the box out :rofl: :rofl:

:hmmm: :( I fished today again, I really really need to finish mine, you'd think the swapmeister would stay on top of things huh??:beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

:ray1: Tyers, we are all gonna end up with a bitchin selection of flys from whats in so far and what I know is coming, this is coool :thumb: Christmas is coming late , this time
Sorry I've been M.I.A., this is the busy season for me...

So the steelhead buggers are half done, and I should be finishing them on Monday!

I'll post the recipe when I have more time... off to work!


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Hey REE ! got your flies today, very very nice whoppers !!! ... On another note... I actually got mine finished! yeah yeah !!! I will have Chris set up a file in the gallery and I will start taking pics soon as a few more come in. Good job you guys !!

mike doughty

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Here is my update. i have had 1/2 done since the first couple of days of this swap and then unexpectedly ran out of gadwall, so i finally ordered more, so hopefully will have them finished and mailed out around x-mas. sorry for being the slow one this time.

steve s

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I think that I'm the slow one on this swap, no offense Mike. I'm still working on 'em but will hopefully be done and have them mailed by Christmas.

Steve S

After seeing some of the stuff the other guys were sending in I was thinking about asking for mine back to tie something else. Oh well, glad you like them, they do work.



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Ron Eagle Elk said:

After seeing some of the stuff the other guys were sending in I was thinking about asking for mine back to tie something else. Oh well, glad you like them, they do work.

:rofl: :thumb: Don't fret over it REE, I felt the same way, but wanted "and" needed to tie something I truly use considerably and was fairly time effecient to dress. And your flies look great !!!!!!

This swap was meant to give a few folks an excuse to slip away to the "other" room during times of shopping,decorating,cooking,cleanng, re- decorating,family members we don't hardly know or maybe even like running all over our homes, etc. -for myself-- I know Monday and Tuesday I have family people arriving and DAMN !! look at the weather forecast?????:beathead: - perfect - rain and fish ! and I have to be at the airport??????????:beathead: :mad:

I just told the wife they can rent a car and mapquest our house. I will not repeat what she said to me. (always deny ,right?)

Maybe after this swap we can do a "Fancy" steelhead/salmon swap. As the late winter spring approaches it might be appropriate.

TL/ DAvy


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the 1st 5 .........

Top left is Banzai's Skagit Special, top right is REE's Steelhead Bugger,below that is Pseudo Critter by Spokane Fisherman, below that is my Lady Practitioner, and finally on the lower left is Warren Perry's Farrar Marabou

Nice dang tyes guys :thumb: :beer2: