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I know it's a flyfishing board but, I'm buying my first spinning rod for steelies and salmon and would like to have some input on brands, rod action, length, etc. Trying to stay under 100 dollars but will consider top of the line stuff if there's enough support out there to justify the added cost. Fishing the Oly peninsula mostly. Thanks in advance. :TONGUE

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Might try posting on the sales board confererance on this forum. Might be some guys out there wanting to sell off their old spin gear now that they fly fish. I would sell some of my old spin gear stuff myself but it makes good decoration and is good to lend to young kids I take out once in a while. My old bass lures are old enough to be collectable and make good wall art.

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Go to Bob's Piscatorial Pursits Fishing forum and you will get all the help that you need. Just put what I said altogether with no caps and add a .com at the end. Oh don't forget the www. :THUMBSUP

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I would go to and check these rods out.Take a look at the wild river series, they are a little over $100.00, but they are in my opinion the best for the money. Take a look at the dealer list and call one near you, that way you can go and see the rod, and even shake it if you want. At St. Croix, they have customer service and a warranty that is top notch, and you will not be disappointed. :THUMBSUP
For a spinning reel, buy Okuma's Epixor 10 ball bearing spinner. Model 30 I believe. THE best for the money at 40.00 on sale at Sportco in Fife,WA. You might want to go with the model 40 for more line capacity. The last steelhead I caught with my reel rocketed off all of its 150 yds and took off like a runaway spaceshuttel and jetted ALL of my line and snapped it like a 2lb tippet!
For a rod, I went with "Custom Made" brand from Sportco. 45.00 with Fuji guides, 8'6". Can't beat that. Good luck.
Buy and learn to use a baitcasting reel. It's not difficult and your line control is 10x better.
For a rod, don't spend too much. $300 for a drift rod is highway robbery. My $80 Shimano Convergence has caught many fish and I doubt a more expensive rod would have got more. There are several good rods for under $150. 8'6" is the norm for drift fishing, 10'6" is common for floats. My next rod will be a 9'6" for double duty.

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

He's not a dealer. He just likes their products as I do. He builds a lot of spinning rods out of St Croix fly rod blanks.


To be fair, honest and above board, shouldn't you provide a disclaimer that you are a St. Croix dealer?

Just to keep things out in the open I am a St. Croix Dealer, but I do not sell the factory assembled rods that I recomended. I am a Custom Builder and also a dealer for many other mfg.'s. St. Croix has shown me many times that customer service, before and after the sale is one of their top priorities. I only recomend products that I believe in, and if I no longer had a St. Croix Blank available to me I would still promote their products. If I was to try to profit from the post, that would not be right and I would say I'm sorry. Anyway I just believe they have got a total package worth sharing with others so they can find the same satisfaction that I have. :THUMBSUP


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okay here is another question for this topic.....what type of line do you prefere or like....pound test wise.....thanx for the help all...... :BIGSMILE
I mostly flyfish but do wet a line with a spinner occasionally for salmon or steelhead. I picked up a Shakespear Ugly Stick 8'6" Steelhead/Salmon spinning rod model Model number: SP1186-2M and am very pleased with it. Works well with light spinners as well as heavy weight. I added a Shimano ?4000 ball bearing reel which works fine.

(Note: it does not fish like a bait caster, the tip is floppy but you would never break this rod!) It has a long handle and is very light. A good all around med action spinning rod for salmon/steelhead. I got a screaming deal on it at the sports authority for $38 last year! I don't think they are available there would need to search the web. (I bought it online and they did not carry that one in the stores).