fishing during the week

anyone out there have wednesdays or thursdays off. i pretty much just fish for trout in moving water. will be fishing the yak the most for the next couple o months. if anyone wants to share the drive from seattle let me know.

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If this is a on going thing I would be intrested. I have lots of time to go as I retired,but I also Have kids to watch so I have to know in advance when to go as I have to beat the wife to have her watch the kids.

Not really,but if you always catch fish you wouldn't want me to go. Went out today with mtlhead to a secret place(zipper lip). Of course he says that the fishing is good there. I think that I bought my bad luck with me. All I seemed to catch was 5" fish. So my bad luck is still holding.

I haven't fished the Yak since early last year,but would like to get back one more time.

I, too, am available during the week. I live on the Sammamish Plateau, have a Ford Exploder, that can handle all the gear, and am more than willing to share driving, gasoline expenses, etc., etc.

Drop me a line.


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I am in from the East Coast and staying at my family in Kent. I would love to hook up on this coming Thursday if you are going to the Yak. I have wanted to try it before I go home, but found the ride alone there would be undesireable. Let me know if Thursday is good this week for you and I can meet up with you somewhere nearby both of us.
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I work weekends and play Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Fridays. An experienced (if not always successful) stream and Lake fisherman ( Lived/fished in Bozeman/West Yellowstone, Montana) I am learning to fish the Sound for SRC and working on buying an aluminum boat for Sound flyfishing. I go it alone but, my wife would be happier if I used "the buddy system" especially in the salt. I can commit to one fishing day per week and often two. I live in the south end of King County and am particularly interested in fishing the South Sound and Hood Canal. I have a canoe, float tubes, 13 rods and 30 years of stories to tell. Email me "stcin(at)" if you want to fish.
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I think I left something out. I still enjoy fishing lakes and streams. I would love to know more about Yak fishing. My fixation on the Sound is because it is the current thing for me. If I could hop over to the Sound, fish a couple of hours on the flood tide, run an errand, then come back to fish a couple of hours on the ebb tide life would be good and better all at once.
Think Good Thoughts
Play as if Life were the prize